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There are 2 versions of Home Inspections available:

Most common is a full inspection with a report. I go to the property 3 hours ahead of my client(s) and go through  the house. I  take pictures of everything I look at and then make a copy of the pictures for the client. I go through the pictures on my computer with the clients when they arrive and then we look at any specific issues in the house. I usually end up spending 1 1/2 - 2 hours with the clients. I write a report and email a copy to them and usually also to the realtor. I print a hard copy and have that bound and it goes out in the mail the next day. The fee for this process is $350.

The alternative is a walk thru inspection. The client(s) meet me at the house when I arrive and we go through the house together. I still take the same pictures and make a copy for the clients but I do not write a report. This process usually takes about 3 hours and the clients will have to hang around from time to time while I look in the attic or get equipment or whatever. The fee for this process is $250.

Where Experience and Integrity Matter

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